Your newborn precious can develop a healthy body with the consumption of Probiotics

Health problems are gradually rising with the new born infants all over the world, especially with the ones who are born with low weight. At this juncture, the beneficial bacteria come at help. These bacteria known as the probiotics help these tiny infants to combat with the low immunity level that they have got from the low birth weight. According to a recent research report, almost 7.9% of the babies that are born in the world, suffer from the problem of low birth weight, by weighing 3  pounds and even less at the time of their birth. These babies, easily fall prey to many diseases in their upcoming growing years due to a low immunity. The report has been devis3ed out by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The babies with the weight less than 5.5 pounds at the time of birth are prone to die in the very first year of their death. As for the rest, the surviving babies suffer from mental developmental problems as well as many physical ailments, which hinder their proper growth and development.

The problems with low birth weight

The low birth weight comes with a variety of health risks in the forms of anemia, electrolyte and other bodily fluid imbalances, sudden death of the infant, eye sight irregularities, neurological issues, breathing troubles, low level of blood glucose and also hypothermia. The babies also face impaired nutrition, along with difficulties in feeding and gaining weight as well. These babies, as mentioned earlier, suffer from a low immunity, and hence, they easily fall into the clutches of many bodily infections, as their body harbors external bacteria and viruses affecting their internal systems. The prolonged treatment of antibiotics also worsens the condition of the babies and hence, after a prolonged struggle, a majority of them faces unfortunate loss of life.

The previous studies of antibiotics in treating the low weighing babies

The studies, that have been conducted before by the scientists prove that with the help of certain probiotic or good bacteria, the immunity system of the low weighing babies can be substantially improved. The babies, who have damaged tissues internally, can get a lot of help if they are fed with these probiotics. It has also been proved by the scientists that the probiotics play a crucial role in improving the rate of the late-onset sepsis, which occurs within the 1st 90 days of the child. On a broader level, the probiotics are still being studied by the scientists, who want to know more about the microorganisms’ contribution in improving the health condition of the babies.

The results of the meta-analysis of the probiotics

In a recent journal of Neonatology, the publishers reported that the trial experiments of the probiotics carried out by the scientists have shown that the late-onset sepsis has been reduced by 12%. From the eight other experiments, it was inferred that the late-onset sepsis reduced by 19%. The scientists have striven to look out for more benefits of the probiotics for improving the health conditions of the babies.

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