Using Probiotics in Space Foods- A New Trend

Recently, a supply cargo has been launched by NASA into space for ISS or International Space Station. The contents of the supply cargo included packets of food that had been specifically designed. There are certain space foods that contain probiotic supplements separately added for improving the digestive ability and the ability of absorbing nutrients of astronauts. However, adding supplements to space foods and then sending them into space is a very new trend and it is just the beginning. Further studies are being carried out on subjects like growing vegetable and fruits in spaces that can be absolutely safe for consumption.

How can Space Agriculture Turn Out to be Advantageous for the Astronauts?

Space agriculture is being studied in order to help the astronauts have easy access to foods that are rich in their content of nutrients. If space agriculture is successful, it will help the astronauts in living a healthy life in space. Food specifically prepared for the purpose of space travel tends to lose its nutrients while being processed. The longer the foods remain in space, the faster they lose their nutrients. In this scenario, access to healthy and fresh foods helps in adding great variety to the meals of the astronauts.

The Garden at ISS

Here, it is important to note that the International Space Station features a minuscule garden on board. This garden is used for cultivating a limited assortment of flowers and vegetables. The growth of flowers and vegetables is tested by the crew. The crew at ISS also tests the nutritional value of the vegetables grown in the micro gravity of the garden. There are regular tests also carried out for getting hold of the right method of growing plants in the absence of soil nutrients. The tests, at present, are restricted to the International Space Station. So farm space agriculture might serve as the key to taking possession of Mars. However, scientists cite that the lack of proper and healthy farming soils is one of the major issues that they need to handle prior to sending people to Mars.

Microbes or Bacteria in Spaces Tend to be More Aggressive

It has been found through research that microbes or bacteria in space tend to be more aggressive than what they are on earth. There are a large number of researchers working on finding that the astronauts from ISS do experience certain subtle changes in the bacterial composition of their body which has an effect on the protective blend of bacteria in their digestive systems. This further has an influence of their immune systems that carry out the task of protecting their bodies from different infections. It has also been found through research that the use of probiotic supplements in the food of the astronauts can help them in avoiding medical problems like head colds, fevers and stomach issues while in orbit.

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