There is Nothing Suspicious about Probiotics

Recently, the benefits rendered by probiotics have been in news and recently people have also started knowing about the benefits of probiotics to the animal kingdom. Scientists have discovered that Panda Bears supplemented with probiotics eat less of their staple diet that is bamboo. This is probably one of the greatest findings considering the fact that bamboo is quite scarce. There have also been studies carried out in other fields where probiotics have been of good use. recently, it was found that feeding trout and salmon with probiotics can inhibit the growth of an organism called Flavobacterium psychrophilum. This organism can cause cold water disease.

What is Cold Water Disease?

Cold Water Disease is basically a bacterial disease that affects trout and salmon resulting in open lesions on the fins and the skin. It is one of the most dangerous diseases resulting in the death of about a third of infected hatchery stock causing tremendous loss to the $13.7 billion salmon aquaculture industry throughout the world. This disease also takes a toll on the trout industry of US and also the entire world. Researchers have worked on getting the right solution for this devastating disease for a time span of 15 years and have finally got hold of an answer to it and that lies within the fish itself. The researchers working on getting hold of a treatment for Cold Water Disease in trout and salmon were from the University of Idaho and the Washington State University.

Gut Bacteria is Something that Helps

The research team headed by Dr. Kenneth Cain along with his partner, Dr. Douglas Call cultured bacteria from fish gut and came to the conclusion that the bacteria inhibited the growth of Flavobacterium psychrophilum. The researchers discovered that if they added C6-6 to fish food in the form of a probiotic, it could help in limiting the damage from Cold Water Disease. This is because it is very well-known to the researchers that C6-6 produces a certain toxin that helps in killing bacteria. This is one of the most remarkable discoveries that help in preventing the economic loss caused to the industry for aquaculture throughout the world in case of an outbreak of Cold Water Disease. This discovery can also be of good help in cutting back the use of different antibiotics which would be beneficial for the animal and the human kingdom.

Proper Funding is the Necessity

However, it is important to note that there are good funds needed for carrying out further research in this field. Proper funding can help the researchers in using different tools and devices that can help them in coming up with great results in the field of using probiotics for saving the aquaculture industry throughout the world. The availability of funds will boost the efficiency of the researcher in coming up with new and innovative ways of offering proper standing to their conclusions or research results.

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