The Use of Probiotics in Making Football Leather

Football is one game that dominates the nations TVs and for good reasons. Ever wondered why NFL footballs are also known as pigskin? This is because these were originally manufactured from pigs. However, in the present times, NFL footballs are made using cowhide leather. It might be surprising for you to know that NFL footballs are handcrafted even till date by the same company and yes all 11, 520 of them. This amount is just for one regular season of football. This actually means that a total of 35, 000 cowhides make footballs annually. In addition to this, the football manufacturing procedure also requires chemicals and thousands of gallons of water. The procedure used for making leather to be used in consumer goods is called tanning. Tanning is an old practice and this is the reason why most tanneries make use of the same methods as used by the craftsmen of the past. However, there are new, more natural options available in the present times.

The Use of Probiotics

Probiotics come as natural alternatives to the chemical based traditional treatments. It might be surprising for you to know that the bacteria that support the digestive system is a part of the sustainable method of making leather. Not completely the same but bacteria can work as a good replacement to the traditional chemicals previously used for making leather. The use of probiotics in manufacturing leather has actually helped in reducing the environment impact of the industry for leather. It has also helped in reducing the carbon footprint or the environmental damage caused by leather products such as footballs. This has further helped in making the world greener and of course there’s Astro Turf included.

The Benefits of Using Probiotic Formulations in Leather Manufacturing

There are many companies that produce all-natural biochemical products or probiotics that have replaced the traditional chemicals used in the industry for leather tanning and leather manufacturing. The use of probiotic formulations help in improving the quality of leather; in increasing the yield of leather; in reducing environment pollution and in lowering the costs of manufacturing leather. Probiotics are non-hazardous, 100% pure products combining multiple strains. These are small, ecosystems that tend to be more resilient and work together synergistically. The entire procedure of processing of raw cowhides into leather gets more sustainable and efficient by making use of all-natural probiotics. Some of the major benefits of using probiotics for manufacturing leather are as follows:

•    Reduced consumption of water during the leather manufacturing procedure because of low foaming.

•    Low doses of probiotics are used and therefore the entire manufacturing procedure is cost-effective.

•    Improvised quality of leather

•    Excellent keep up of dyes and chemicals because of efficient degreasing.

•    Uniform dyeing results for all shades of leather.

Thus, it can rightly be said that probiotics have made their presence felt in the market not only by being beneficial for people’s health but also by being of good help in leather manufacturing procedure.

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