The Use of Probiotics for Maintaining Vaginal Health

Women throughout the world are a little embarrassed when it comes to talking about the vagina. Women and girls do not discuss about their vagina with partners and friends mainly because they are embarrassed to speak a word about it and this also goes for women attending doctors. However, it is important for women to understand that they need to approach their overall health in the most practical manner. They need to understand that if they are not comfortable with their own bodies and if they avoid treatments for virginal problems, it might have serious influence on their overall health.

How to Overcome the Taboo?

It is high time when women need to take steps to overcome the taboo and get something done for themselves and their daughters and granddaughters. Doctors throughout the world are of the view that women need to be well-informed on managing their vaginal health and they must also have a better understanding of their entire body. Doctors say that simple, trustworthy and reliable information should come from the probiotics industry and the health care community in order to make women aware of the things that they can do for maintaining their vaginal health.

Is it healthy to wash the Inside of the Vagina?

Douching- this is something that majority of women throughout the world practice. Douching is the practice of washing the inside of the vagina. It is important for women to understand that douching is not good for vaginal health. Healthcare experts have long been saying this but there are still a large number of women who douche in order to keep everything normal downstairs.

The Difference Between Normal Vaginal Discharge and Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Another important thing that women should know is the different between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge is generally cloudy and clear white and sometimes it might even appear yellow post drying. The consistency and the color of vaginal discharge might change during the menstrual cycles. Other factors that can result in changes in vaginal discharge include medicines, sexual arousal, stress and pregnancy. A certain change in regular diet can also have an effect on normal vaginal discharge. However, it is important for women to have a clear understanding of what is normal in terms of smell, burning, amount and color of vaginal discharge.

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is basically a vaginal infection caused by excessive bad bacteria in the vagina. Indulging in oral intercourse and having several sex partners can increase the chances of suffering from bacterial vaginosis for some women. This is a reoccurring condition and might also coexist with various other vaginal infections. The infection can be treated very easily with the use of antibiotics. However, the system should also be rebalanced using probiotics.


Gy-Na-Tren is a probiotic that has been made by Natren and it serves as a holistic and natural approach to the vaginal health in women. This probiotic has been specifically made for help women take proper guard of their vaginal health.

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