The role of Probiotics in improving brain function and memory in individual patients

In recent years, with the increase in stress and tension among many people, many people are suffering from mental illnesses. In this context, it is worthwhile to note that people suffering from a mental disease known as Alzheimer’s can improve their memory retention skills by the proper intake of probiotics. Probiotics are also known as friendly bacteria that play an active role in balancing the levels of microorganisms that are situated in intestines. Moreover, probiotics can also drive down a lot of harmful bacteria.

In this context, it is an important fact to mention that the scientists have established that probiotics as dietary supplements can improve body functions in human beings. Moreover, the past research on probiotics has shown that the intake of dietary supplements can also protect an entirely grown-up adult to be immune from bowel diseases, diarrhea and tooth problems. However, the central question that is lingering before many researchers is that whether probiotics can also improve brain functions or not.

They have come to this hypothesis as there is a constant two-way interaction and communication between the gastrointestinal tract and intestines. Furthermore, in mice, probiotics have depicted that it can improve learning and can also reduce depression and anxiety. But before this study, it has often been said that probiotics have an insufficient benefit on the cognitive abilities of human beings.

Kashan University and Islamic Azad University are the first universities to showcase that the use of probiotics can improve the cognitive abilities of human beings. A clinical examination that is randomized and double-blind in nature analyzed the case of 52 men and women with Alzheimer’s between the age of 70 and 80 years. It is kind of interesting to note in this context that half of the examinees in this trial received 200 ml of milk that was enriched with four probiotic bacteria and half of them received untreated plain milk.

On the other hand, the group that was administered probiotics also depicted drastic improvements in lipid profiles and metabolism of insulin. Water will keep you hydrated and helps you to digest the food properly. If you drink the water on a daily basis that has been required by your body, then you will find that you do not face the hunger before the time. But remember that you must skip taking of tea at regular intervals. You can take a single cup of tea in the morning and evening. People who want to get the look of slim and fit must eat at regular intervals of time. If these meals are skipped, then the diet plan will not work. Individuals love to eat at any time. But according to the diet plan, one must take your food every two hours. One also has to look at the foods as they have to avoid some of the foods which are high in calorie.

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