The importance of probiotics in spinal cord injury

Medical science has been improving with the invention of new things. In the present day, a new research has been found that is really making a shock among the people related to the medical profession. In a new study that has been made by the researchers of the Ohio State University, it has been found that the use of the probiotics will help in getting recovery from the spinal cord injury. It has been stated in the study that if the gut is maintained well with the use of the probiotics, then a man can get relief and also recover from the injuries of his/her spinal cord.

The findings that they get from the research     

In the findings, it has been found that the micro bacteria that are located in the guts communicate with the central nervous system of the body. This interaction is taken place by the help of the cells that are known as immune. In this interaction, they stash the metabolism that passes through the blood that passes through the brain. Therefore the importance of the bacteria that are located in the guts is of immense in our body.

According to the researches, it has been found that the probiotics if taken accordingly then it will help in getting the things done at ease. But it has also been stated that if the probiotics are taken in the large amount that is not suitable for your body, then it can react in the opposite way. It has been found that the injuries in the spinal cord change the type of the bacteria that are present in the guts. These can cause worsen to the human body the recovery of the spinal cord injuries becomes an impossible to go for.

How did the research take place?

In the research, it has been clearly stated that before this experiment it has been found that how the bacteria that are harmful to the body run over the good bacteria. For this, they have taken the path of treating a patient who has been suffering from the disease of diabetes. From this way, they have come to know of the importance of the micro bacteria that are present in the guts and also the importance of these bacteria in the life cycle of a human being. This also led to the experimentation of the usefulness of the probiotics. If the probiotics are provided to the body, then the change that occurs in the bacteria of the guts will be seized that happens due to the injury of the spinal cord.  

This experiment has been taken over a mouse which has been suffering from the injuries of the spinal cord. Researchers help the mice with the probiotics and found that the mouse is recovering fast with the spinal cord injury. But this experiment is still a way long to be proved that it also helps the human beings. This research is still going on, and the researchers are still to comment whether it is suitable for the human beings or not.

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