Refresh this New Year with Probiotics that Help in Maintaining Liver Health

Celebrations and holidays are always fun but they can take a toll on our health. This is because we indulge in all sorts of delicacies during the holiday season. This might be harmful for the liver which carries out the responsibility of removing harmful toxins out of our body. So, using probiotics this New Year would be the perfect option for giving a fresh start to yourself and your liver. Aggressive diets and harsh cleanses might be tempting, but they sop not work well for the system. The good friend Probiotic Bacteria can effectively be used for improving liver health and for cleansing the body system.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are basically live microorganisms that have some important functions in the body. Using these live microorganisms can turn out to be safe and natural for individuals who are looking to cleanse their systems. Probiotics help the human body in competing with harmful pathogens, viruses and bad bacteria present in the intestinal tract. These microorganisms also offer various other benefits to their users. There are probiotics like Bifidobacterium that help in promoting the sanitation and waste procedures of the human body. These procedures generally occur in the intestines, kidneys and liver.

How does the Liver Function?

There are different functions carried out by the liver within the human body. The liver works in close collaboration with the digestive and circulatory systems for maintaining homeostasis. This is the human body’s ability of regulating the internal environment for maintaining equilibrium and balance between all the cells, tissues and organs. Another important function carried out by the liver is clearing harmful toxins from blood. The liver carries out the task of breaking down toxins, excreting the byproducts by way of the kidneys and eliminating them by way of urine. There are other important functions carried out by the liver and these include balancing the levels of blood sugar, bile production and removing bilirubin from the body. The liver in our body also regulates amino acids used by the body in the form of an energy source.

Probiotics as Helping Hands for the Liver

Probiotics can have indirect and direct effects on the health of the liver. The liver and the gut are closely connected and organisms present in the intestine have an effect on liver health. The human body prevents the organisms in the intestine to cause harm to the liver by developing barrier cells called tight junctions. The tight junctions make it very difficult for the harmful pathogens to get transferred from the intestines to the inner tissues of the body. Tight junctions are basically specialized connections between two neighboring membranes. The cells are very close together in these tight junctions and the two membranes fuse together for forming an impenetrable hindrance making it easy for the nutrients to pass through but very difficult for the pathogens to pass by. So, what do probiotics have to do in this whole procedure? Probiotics help by supporting the formation of the tight junctions. They do this by enhancing protein production in the body.

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