Probiotics Survivability and Stability

Not all supplements are developed equal in the industry for probiotic supplements. Most of the times, product labels do not tend to be accurate and they might even be completely false sometimes. This is the reason why it is essential to have a clear understanding of the nature of supplements that you are taking in order to ensure that the supplements are providing the goodness as expected by you. Survivability is one of the most critical fundamentals of probiotics. Survivability is the ability of the probiotoc bacteria specified on the label for making it alive, not only from the producer to the consumer, but also by way of the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and the mouth so that it ultimately makes its way into the large or the small intestines. In case the bacteria are not able to get to the intestines in sufficient amounts, the supplements are ineffective.

Study Conducted on Probiotic Survivability

Recent study carried out on how nine varied brands of probiotoc supplements came up against each other when it came to surviving the stress caused by the gastrointestinal tract shows that there were many brands that were not able to withstand this stress. However, there were others that did not even contain the bacteria that had been listed on their labels. The study basically tested the nine varied brands of probiotic supplements in an in-vitro procedure that helped in determining the way the supplements would fair. The probiotics were analyzed for their bacterial composition in comparison to their labels; their bacterial count in comparison to their labels and their ability of surviving gastrointestinal stress. Results show substantial variance between the composition that was portrayed on the labels of the supplements and the original bacteria composition of the supplements. There were some brands that had the bacterial composition missing even if they were marked on their labels and for the ones who had the bacterial compositions, the count was misleading from that available on their labels. The study proved that out of nine brands there was only one brand that came up with effectiveness and composition as stated on its label.

Study Conclusion

Post going through the results of this study, it must be concluded that consumers need to be very careful when making the choice of probiotic supplements that they can actually trust. The probiotic industry is quite large and there are innumerable brands selling their products to consumers coming with the claims of providing the best advantages. However, majority of these brands do not come with proper verifications and their products do not have the ability of surviving gastrointestinal stress. This way consumers are simply being robbed.

Natren’s Take on the Survivability of Probiotics

The probiotics manufactured at Natren undergo strict scientific testing for ensuring that their deliver the results that they promise. Natren complies by the industry standards that are required to be followed in the manufacture of probiotics and hence ensures 100% pure and legitimate probiotics for its consumers.

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