Probiotics are Beneficial for Athletes- More Evidences Support the Fact

Undoubtedly, probiotics offer several benefits to every individual especially in the field of safeguarding digestive health. However, it has been proved through a new study that probiotics are also benefits for athletes. For a very long time, it has been known that sports individuals have increased chances of suffering from infections during their training sessions. Lack of proper sleep, training schedules, travelling, exhaustive exercise and stress are some factors that can make an athlete susceptible to different types of sicknesses. For a very long time, researchers have been investigating the benefits that probiotics can have in keeping the athletes healthy during their sessions of intense training. It has been found through research that probiotic supplements are of good help in boosting beneficial bacteria levels in the digestive tract and in supporting a fully regulated internal ecosystem.

Extreme Training Sessions and the Threat of Infections of the Upper Respiratory Tract

Extreme, prolonged sessions of exercise are directly related with the temporary suppression of immune system and the increased chances of suffering from infections. The athletes who work out for a long span of time regularly have increased chances of suffering from infections of the upper respiratory tract or URTIs. This can have a negative impact on the performance of the athletes during competitions. Research in this field has brought forward the fact that players who indulge in extreme training and workouts are the most susceptible to URTIs but the main reason behind this has not been found still. Study in laboratory mice conducted in 2015 suggests that he microbes present in the gut have an effect on exercise performance. In another study, researchers came to the conclusion that probiotics can help runners in performing better on the treadmill at 95-degree heat. When athletes indulge in intense training, bad bacteria leaks from the gut and passes into the bloodstream thus triggering inflammation. Good bacteria or probiotics help in improving the health of the gut lining which further reduces leakage and controls inflammation. The athletes who take probiotics have the ability of exercising longer in comparison to the ones who do not take any supplements.

Probiotics have an Impact on Tryptophan and Help in Reducing the Chances of URTIs

Tryptophan is basically an amino acid required for protein biosynthesis in the body. The way tryptophan is used by the body has an important role to play in immune suppression. Tryptophan is quite beneficial but high levels of tryptophan can hold back the immune system. New studies in this field have proved that probiotics go a long way in reducing the levels of tryptophan which further decreases the chances of infections. Probiotic supplements are one of the most easiest and excellent methods that can help athletes in maintaining their health and in avoiding URTIs or upper respiratory tract infections even if they undergo intense training sessions. Thus, it can rightly be said that probiotics are beneficial for athletes.

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