Is it Possible to Save an Endangered Frog Using Probiotic Bacteria?

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that probiotics can help in safeguarding the animal kingdom but how do probiotics help in saving frogs from getting extinct? Before answering this question it is important to answer why frogs need to be saved. Whether they are threatened or endangered, these slimy, slippery amphibians should be protected just like the fish and the pandas. Yes, they are not as cute as the pandas and they also do not serve as a major food source but they are of great significance for the ecosystem. Frogs are beneficial for human beings. This is due to the fact that they eat pests and various other insects that are a source of malaria. Frogs also prey on different creatures like birds, reptiles and other frogs as well.

Why is it Necessary to Save Frogs?

Surprisingly, frogs are called indicator species. This means that their health is indicative of the biosphere taken into entirerity. Lots of amphibians and frogs in a habitat are indicative of a healthy ecosystem. However, if they start getting extinct, this might cause diseases and pollution to a great extent. Therefore, the endangering of frogs should be considered an alarm for the human beings. It is important for people to understand that frog extinction means that there is something wrong going on in the environment. Frigs have been living on this plant for many years and despite the fact that they have been under constant threat, frogs have managed to live under difficult environment conditions.

The Fungus Behind the Extinction of Frogs

The deadly fungus known as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis or Bd is the reason behind the extinction of many amphibians and this fungus is on its way of wiping the other categories as well. Panamanian Golden Frog which is a black and bright yellow frog is one of the common victims of this fungus. There are large scale conservations carried out and these conservations have been successful in breeding the frog in complete captivity. However, it is important to note that the frog is already extinct in the wild mainly because of Bd. The frogs in captivity do not have any chances of surviving if left out in the natural habitat.

Using Probiotics for Saving Endangered Frogs

It has been found through research that some amphibians like salamanders naturally carry a certain bacterium on their skin. This bacterium is known as Janthinobacterium lividum. This bacterium works in the form of protective covering and help in preventing the growth of Bd. Researchers carried out further studies on whether this bacterium could help the other frog species as well. But, unfortunately the bacterium did not work for Bd affected frogs from other species. Therefore, the question still remains that whether J bacterium which is a natural probiotic can actually help in saving endangered frogs. Further research is needed in this field for confirming the fact.

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