Is it Possible to Control Anxious Dogs with Probiotics?

Stress is generally associated with gastrointestinal issues like loose stool and upset stomach. There are a large number of people who find it relieving to take probiotics in order to get rid of stress-related digestive issues. In the present times, scientists are looking forward to carrying out research on whether probiotics can have the same effect on anxious dogs or not. Anxiety and stress are conditions that can result in different behavioral and health issues significantly affecting the well-being of a pet at home. For example, stress is the cause of diarrhea in dogs and anxiety results in the dogs exhibiting undesirable changes in behavior. Scientists are of the view that supplementing the diet of a dog with probiotics can help in relieving digestive issues and gastric problems which are a cause of stress. Probiotics can also help the pets in feeling less anxious.

The Symptoms of Stress in Canines

Probiotics or live bacteria come with beneficial effects for their users. Probiotics found in the digestive tract help in keeping off harmful bacteria, improve nutrient absorption, improve immune functionality and help in digestion as well. These modern times can be very stressful for pet dogs especially the ones living in families that are loud, large, busy and own several pets or the families that keep on moving from one place to another. Some of the most common symptoms of stress in dogs include panting, barking, aggressive behavior and hiding. Stressed-out pets also suffer from gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and loose stool. Anxiousness and stress have a direct impact on the digestive tract of the pet due to the gut-brain axis. It has been concluded from the results of studies that probiotic supplements can change gut bacteria for improving mood and relieving gastrointestinal issues.

How can Probiotics Help in Abating the Signs of Stress in Canines?

In a study where scientists wanted to review the advantages of probiotic supplementation in reducing stress-related digestive issues in dogs, researchers got a total of 134 health and recently relocated digs divided into four groups. The digs in three test groups got varied therapeutic doses of probiotics and he dogs in the control group were not given any probiotic. The probiotics were given to the three groups regularly for a time span of five weeks prior to relocation and for a period of 20 days post relocation to a kennel. The fecal scores of the dogs were tracked by evaluating the appearance of their feces; defecation numbers every day; levels of serum cortisol and stool bacteria for determining the levels of stress. There was higher probiotic population found in the dogs in the three test groups in comparison to the control group. Such promising studies conducted on canines prove the fact that probiotics can definitely help in improving the well-being and health of dogs when they suffer from stress and anxiety.

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