Everything that Consumers Should Know About Multi-Strain Probiotics

In the present times, people are always on the lookout of beneficial bargains. People want to feel that they are getting the best out of the money that they are spending without making any compromises on quality. Nevertheless, when it comes to making the choice of a good quality probiotic, less is always more in relation to the number of probiotic strains in on container or capsule. It is important for you to know that all probiotics are not created equal. The stark reality is that there are a large number of probiotics, specifically multi-strain probiotics that do not provide any advantages at all. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are about to buy a probiotic or you want to go for some other probiotic brand, it is necessary for you to grab proper and detailed information about the probiotics that you get in the market.

The Probiotics Game of Numbers

These days, there are a lot of people who are of the view that the best probiotic is one that has the highest number of strains. They think that such probiotics offer the greatest health benefits. However, this is only a myth and there is nothing true about this fact. The probiotics with the highest number of strains and called multi-strain probiotics. People think that because their guts are combining with trillions of varied bacteria strains, it makes sense to go for multi-strain probiotics. This is only an assumption and assumptions are always flawed. Bacteria tend to be antagonistic by nature. This means that they do not get very well together and compete for endurance. Perhaps, during the Probiota 2014 that took place in Amsterdam, one of the most popular probiotics authorities in the world agrees with Natasha Trenev, the founder of Natren, on her philosophy that positioning multiple strains in a single containers had no impact. Additionally, since probiotics survive as live organisms and need oxygen and food for survival, there is a certain phenomenon known as closed-ended system issue. This problem generally occurs when live bacteria are positioned into a certain closed-ended system like a bottle or a capsule and their individual resources like food and oxygen are limited. In this case, the bacteria will fight for their resources until they get depleted. Once their resources are completely gone, the bacteria start dying. Therefore, it is not wise for you to get into the multi-strain hype.

The Trenev Procedure

How do the probiotics made by Natren survive if they are antagonistic? This is because Natren uses an exclusive oil matrix delivery mechanism known as The Trenev Procedure. This is a procedure where each advantageous strain is specifically micro-enrobed for keeping the bacteria non-competitive and completely separate. Natren is the one and the only manufacturer using this highly advanced technology for making probiotics. The company manufactures Healthy Trinity along with its other probiotics in the United States of America. The strains delivered by Natren are popular throughout the world for their effectiveness, bile tolerance and safety.

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