Everything About Natren Life Start Vegan Probiotic for Expectant Mothers and Infants

Natren’s Life Start Vegan Probiotic is an exclusive dairy-free probiotic for toddlers, infants and nursing and expectant mothers. It contains the strain of the vitally important bacteria called Bifidobacterium infantis. Recently, there has been a huge demand for dairy-free probiotics for sensitive children and infants throughout the industry. Supplementing with Life Start Vegan from Natren offers infants with the very first line of defense for their immature and tiny gastrointestinal tract. This type of supplementation ensures the very best start to a healthy and long life for infants. A lot of research spanning several years has been carried out by Natren in order to develop this effective and useful product.

How is Bifidobacterium infantis Lacking in Infants?

It has been proved through research that mother’s milk is rich in its content of elements that are found to stimulate the growth of infantis. It has also been studied through research that infantis is largely disappearing in infants in the westernized cultures and even in infants delivered vaginally. Here it is important to understand that Bifidobacterium infantis is one the most predomination advantageous microorganism found in the large intestine of infants that are healthy breastfed. Even during the birthing procedures, infants born through the vagina have been found to no longer receive Bifidobacterium infantis in adequate amounts while passing through the birth canal of the mother. When it comes to the C-section infants, they get bacteria from the environment generally from the delivery room of the hospital and from their mother’s skin. Overall, it can be said that nowadays infants generally lose out on the natural boost provided by Bifidobacterium infantis.

How is Natren’s Life Start Vegan Probiotic Advantageous?

It has also been found through research that the microflora of the infants is also bothered due to the harmful effects of vaccinations, weather changes and antibiotic therapy. These are some factors that can result in the decline of Bifodobcateria levels resulting in even lower levels of the digestive health of babies and infants. In this situation, Natren’s Life Start Vegan containing Bifidobacterium infantis can be of good help in the nutritional restoration of the intestinal microflora of infants. The full culture processing methodology used by Natren helps in keeping probiotic bacteria in their natural environment. This natural environment is provided by a certain organic fermented brown rice base for ensuring effectiveness and potency. This natural environment also works in the form of a natural buffer inside the gastrointestinal tract enabling probiotics to survive the callous stomach aids in the best way possible.

Natren’s Contribution

For more than 20 years now, Natren has been offering 100% pure and authentic Bifidobacterium infantis grown on goat’s and cow’s milk for improving the health of toddlers, infants and expectant and nursing mothers. It is only because of the huge demand of this product that the company is now introducing Bifidobacterium infantis grown on organic brown rice base. This base is perfect for dairy sensitive and vegan individuals and has least chances of causing any adverse reaction.

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