Do Probiotics Survive Storage, Stomach Acid and Shipping?

Probiotics are nothing but living bacteria and just like most bacteria, they can severely be weakened and even killed by way of prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. This is a huge problem because despite the fact that we take major steps in ensuring that our probiotics remain at optimum humidity and temperature during the manufacturing and storage procedures at a our pharmaceutical grade production facility located in Westlake Village in California, once they get dispatched from our facility the journey can be quite ruthless. However, there are different methods that we use in order to ensure that our probiotics get to you in perfect condition- well, ready to work and alive.

Production and Packaging

Probiotics available from Natren are produced and stored in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment at our facility. It is important for us to keep our probiotics in this state until their reach your doorsteps. Therefore, we make it a point to manage top quality packaging and it is only because of this reason that we refrain from the use of regular package boxes. We also make it a point to shop our probiotics cold and for this we make use of ice in large quantities. However, the ice that we use is not the regular or ordinary ice but it is commercial grade gel ice available in packs. Apart from using commercial grade ice we also make use of dry ice in order to keep our probiotics cold. Everything goes into a polystyrene layer inside an outer box made of cardboard. The whole procedure insulates the box contents against the environment outside the box. The final step involves wrapping each probiotic bottle carefully using bubble wrap. This helps in insulation and also works in the form of a freeze and moisture barrier between the ice and the probiotics. If there is space left in the box, it is filled with air bags for avoiding breakages during the shopping procedure.  Dark amber glass bottles are used for packaging probiotics as these bottles provide proper protection from moisture and light. The glass bottles are also recyclable and eco-friendly.

Shipping Procedures

Post completion of the packaging procedure, shipping is the next important step. We only deal in 2-day delivery and next-day air delivery options because there is no using in putting the cold packaging thing in place if the shipping takes a time span of five days. Products are shipped only from Monday to Wednesday in case of two day air delivery and Monday to Thursday in case of next day delivery. We do this to avoid the products from sitting in the warehouse awaiting delivery over the weekend. This way we take care of the entire probiotic manufacturing procedure right from cell to shelf in the most efficient manner.

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