Do Probiotics Contain Hidden Sugars?

One question that is quite common with the use of probiotics is that whether they contain probiotics. Another confusion among people is whether it is advantageous to take probiotics along with probiotics. For the ones who are new to taking probiotics, this confusion can be a little difficult to handle considering the fact that there is so much data that speaks about the important combination of a probiotic and a probiotic. Probiotics are specifically designed for feeding probiotics and encourage their growth. Probiotics also help by feeding beneficial bacteria in the human gut. Therefore, it is a good idea to use probiotics and probiotics in combination. This way the probiotics that you use come in complete package and have the food that they require for survival. Unluckily though, this is only one side of the story.

What do you mean by Probiotics?

Probiotics are basically a group of simple but non-digestible carbohydrates found naturally in different foods like asparagus, leeks, Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, garlic, banana, wheat, oats, soybean and chicory. Nevertheless, human beings need to consume these foods in large quantities in order to have the desired probiotic effect. Probiotics are also available in chemically engineered or commercial forms. The most popular commercial probiotics are Fructo-oligosaccahrides or FOS and Inulin. These are non-digestible probiotics but it is important to note that FOS is widely used for making artificial sweeteners. This is where the problem lies.

Sugar as a Source of Food

It has been found through research that artificial sweeteners can have an influence on the gut microbes. The human body is not able to absorb or digest these materials directly but they have an effect on the functionality and the composition of the gut microbes. Here, it is important to keep in mind that gut microbes play an important role in overall health of the body. Thus, it can rightly be said that probiotics contain hidden sugars and they might not be good for the health of an individual. Apart from hidden sugars, there are other drawbacks of using probiotics. Probiotics carry out the task of providing food for beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. But probiotics are not good at selecting the bacteria that they should feed and assist. This means that they can even feed bad bacteria. It has also been studied that probiotics can result in the increase of bad bacteria like Klebsiella pneumoniae and various other less-friendly microorganisms like E.Coli along with Clostridium species.

Why are Natren Probiotics Considered the Best?

Natren, one of the most popular probiotic manufacturing company in the United States is completely opposed to using probiotics. This is because of the undesirable effects that come with FOS. FOS is a product that is manufactured chemically and it has several side effects counteracting the advantages offered by probiotics. The proprietary Supernatant Advantage of probiotics coming from Natren is something that sets them apart from the other probiotics available in the market. Taking Natren probiotics would be enough and there is no need for individuals to undergo the risk of taking probiotics in combination with probiotics.

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