Are there Proper Regulations for Probiotics?

The problem with natural supplements not containing the ingredients stated on their labels is universal mainly because of under-regulation. Supplements including probiotics are not regulated as drugs by the FDA and this is the reason why they are subject to a similar level of consumer protection and scrutiny. Of course, there are restrictions on the health claims made by such products but there is a lack of industry oversight. There are also some checks and balances in this system ensuring that the consumers get all the health advantages that they are actually paying for.

Natren’s Standards of Producing Probiotics

The ones who are aware of Natren will know that we have a verifiable and a highly scientific approach to manufacturing and developing probiotics. We have been complying to internationally recognized and voluntary standards like the ones developed by the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation and Swiss Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme jointly known as PIC/S. Out standards of manufacture are also reviewed by Therapeutic Goods Administrators or TGA in Australia. It is also worth noting that we have long been the advocates of implementing these standards in the wider industry.

Reports from FDA

There have been recent reports from the FDAS officials regarding the regulated and unregulated natural supplements and probiotics available throughout the market. The FDA officials say that they are well aware of the fact that there is a Goods Manufacturing Practices or GMP problem that the industry is facing in the recent times. This is the reason why the FDA is greatly interested in almost every facet of industry cleaning be it from the states, the industry self-regulation or the FDA itself.

What is the Basic Solution?

The officials have further highlighted that there are many companies that are not testing their raw materials when they reach their facilities. These companies generally have no control processes written down for product control while the products make their way through the facilities. These companies also do not know about the type of product they are manufacturing if they do not have specifications. This is a major concern for the FDA and also for the industry of natural supplements and probiotics on the whole. The FDA has urged the supplement industry to get a proper solution for this problem with auditing, quality control and compliance with standards that are internationally recognized. However, it is still not clear how effective this FDA request will be when it comes to increasing regulation on probiotics and natural supplements throughout the industry.

The Benefits of Proper Regulations on Probiotics

Regulating the effectiveness and the presence of important ingredients in probiotics would pave the way to consumer protection on a very wide scale. It would also help in cleaning up the entire industry that is actually filled with snake-oil sales individuals. Complying to and voluntarily steeping up higher standards helps in the manufacture of better products and in building up brand loyalty and consumer trust.

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