Are Probiotics Effective in Saving Panda Bears?

The findings of a study conducted by a team of scientists on the metabolic blueprint of the massive Panda Bear in association with their food source are quite unexpected. Giant Panda Bears are basically black and white Chinese bears. They are fast becoming an endangered species. They eat bamboo and thus it can be said that these bears have the most focused diet of any of the bear families. The scientists who conducted the study, basically analyzed the fecal matter of the panda and came up with the conclusion that the fecal matter of the panda was missing two important gut microbes namely Bacteroides and Ruminococcaceae. These gut microbes are generally plant-degrading bacteria commonly found in the guts of bears. The absence of these microbes led the scientists into a dilemma regarding pandas. This is because if the guts of the pandas lose their ability of digesting their staple food that is bamboo how will they survive?

How Probiotics Help in the Survival of Panda Bears?

This is where the reports or the findings of the study become quite interesting. This is because the study is not something related to over-eating but it is about survival. Since the scientists now had a clear understanding of the work procedure of the giant panda’s gut, they theorized that by offering the giant panda some probiotics they will certainly be able to reduce the food amount that the pandas are eating on a regular basis. This will help the pandas in being able to adapt to their environment in a better way and especially when they do not have enough food supply. It is important to think that environmental factors and evolution have an important role to play in shaping the diversity of the gut microbes of the panda, not to mention, this is one of the most wonderful discoveries that can possible save the beautiful pandas and also the other animals from going extinct. It is important to note that a balanced and a healthy gut microbiota has an important role to play in ensuring perfect digestive functioning in animals and in human beings.

How is Gut Diversity Affected?

Culture and evolution have played the same roles in the human kingdom and while major advancements have been made in the field of medicine, diet, birthing techniques and sanitation, it is just the beginning of understanding the influence that our modern lifestyle has on the microbiota diversity or the diversity of the gut. It has been proved through studies that modern living have had a negative influence on gut diversity whole good hygiene practices and modern sanitation help in limiting the transfer of harmful germs between one another.

The Significance of Probiotics

Bad diet certainly has a negative effect of  gut microbes. Every individual wants a healthy and balanced gut and any change in the diversity of the gut might affect an individual’s ability of absorbing nutrients, digesting food and training the immune system to fight off different infections and diseases. Quite similar to the panda bears, even human beings require probiotics for survival.

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