Are probiotics Beneficial for Honeybees?

Honeybees pollinate over $15 billion worth crops throughout the United States annually. But the sad thing is that honeybees in the US are dying off at an increasing rate. This is quite dangerous for the human race because we depend on honeybees to a great extent when it comes to getting food. As per the USDA, honeybee pollination is one procedure that helps individuals in consuming food throughout the United States. This is because there are various crops that depend on honeybees for pollination. Therefore, the death of honeybees is actually a worldwide problem. In this category, it is also worth noting that honey is used in the form of food and offers several health benefits as well. Considering the versatility of honey, the death of honeybees is a vital problem that deserves proper attention.

The Contributors to CCD

Students who have undertaken the project on developing a probiotic that can be advantageous for honeybees bet that probiotics are the best solutions when it comes to saving the honeybees from dying due to the use of harmful pesticides. The students have evaluated a certain bacterial species found in the guts of the honeybees. They have tried to engineer the bacteria genetically for breaking down pesticides and neonticides that are linked to the death of honeybees. This is because the use of insecticides and neonticides contribute to CCD or colony collapse disorder resulting in the death of the honeybees. The CCD syndrome is basically dead colony that does not have adult bees and is generally made up of dead bee bodies. However, the colony does feature a live queen and generally immature bees.

The Devastating Effects of Pesticides on Honeybees

Neonicotinoid-based pesticides are pesticides that are widely used by farmers. This is because these pesticides are not harmful for people and animals. They are only harmful for the insects. These pesticides are quite deadly for the honeybees and this is the reason why their use has been banned as per instructions from US court. Unfortunately, pesticides tend to be very important in modern agriculture. Therefore, there are no other options than to make use of pesticides in agriculture in spite of their adverse effects on honeybees and other important insects.

The Creation of Pro-bee-iotic

Transforming the bacteria called Gilliamella apicola into a pro-bee-iotic is one of the major challenges for the students involved in developing a probiotic that can be beneficial for the honeybees. This probiotic thus developed will help the honeybees in breaking down toxic pesticides. It will not be an easy procedure for the students but if they are successful it would work wonders for the beekeepers. The efforts of the students are being applauded and there concept is being praised throughout the world. They are not far from getting the right solution that can help them in safeguarding the lives of the honeybees.

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